An article is a news item published by a source to the Matrix room. It must include the item’s content and title. The article can also include optional properties, such as the item’s author, date (in milliseconds since epoch), original URL, description, read duration, NSFW marker, etc..

The article JSON object must be encapsulated in a signed Matrix event, with its signature generated with one of the source’s keys.

If the original news item contains media, these media should be uploaded to the node using Matrix’s content repository module. 🔧: Media signature

Matrix event network.informo.article

This message event must be sent and signed by a source Matrix user. See the signed Matrix event page for more information.

If the sender is not a source user, the article should be ignored. If the source registers itself afterwards, its previously sent articles should become visible.

Event data

Parameter Type Req. Description
title string x Article’s headline.
href string URL of the article’s original post (in case the article was sent to Informo from an existing website).
short_description string Short description or introduction to the article.
author string Full name of the article’s author (when a single Informo source aggregates multiple writers).
thumbnail string Preview image for the article. Must be a mxc:// URL.
date int Timestamp in milliseconds of the article’s publication. If not provided clients should fall back to the Matrix event’s creation timestamp.
content string x Article HTML content. The HTML must be sanitized before being displayed in a client.
custom object Additional information for custom client implementations.

Additional information:

  • Articles having a date field in the future should be ignored.
  • The date field uses the same timestamps as in the Matrix protocol, i.e. milliseconds since epoch.


    "algorithm": "ed25519",
    "sender_key": "IlRMeOPX2e0MurIyfWEucYBRVOEEUMrOHqn/8mLqMjA",
    "signature": "0a1df56f1c3ab5b1",
    "signed": {
        "title": "Lorem ipsum",
        "content": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit."